Gray Nicolls Shockwave 2.1 Players (2024)

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Gray Nicolls Shockwave 2.1 Players

Design: Gray Nicolls Shockwave 2.1 Player’s Cricket Bat features a unique Shockwave 2.1 decal and dark pink trim.
Performance: The stick is precision engineered to provide performance and the best balance between power and digging.
Middle Sweet Spot: The middle sweet spot is a good place to provide a strong attack surface and also work well.
Draw Contour: The full face of the bat provides maximum contact with the ball, contributing to the strength and stability of the bat.
Shape: The bat has a modern shape with a bow. long and modern half square toe, Best balance of power and storage.
Advanced Technology: The bat is designed with advanced technology to ensure efficient and long-lasting performance.
Handles: The bat has a good structure designed to provide maximum comfort and grip when hitting the ball.
Grips: PU (polyurethane) grips increase comfort and grip. Create a secure grip for better control of the club.
Willow: The bat is made of high quality materials that provide the best combination of performance and durability.


In summary, the Gray Nicolls Shockwave 2.1 Players Cricket Bat is the most advanced cricket bat designed to provide a perfect balance between power and grip. It has a medium sweet spot and full profile, a modern look, and is made from premium willow wood to deliver quality and powerful performance. The grips and handles are designed to provide maximum comfort and secure grip, making it the best choice for players of all levels.


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