Gray Nicolls Shockwave 2.3 150 (2024)

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Gray Nicolls Shockwave 2.3 150

Design: The bat has a modern and attractive design with a neon green finish and black version decals.
Performance: Shockwave 2.3 150 Cricket Bat is designed for maximum performance with emphasis on storage and weight.
Sweet Spot and Contour: The central sweet spot and overall contours of the bat provide confidence with every shot.
Shape: Modern shape with long bow and half square toe creates a good balance between strength and storage.
Long Spring: The full length spring of the bat provides more power and better performance.
Large impact area and center of sweet face: These features ensure consistent performance and crushing power.
Powercurve Face: The half face of the Powercurve face increases the profile and ping of the club.
Handles and Grips: The semi-oval handle of the bat provides a comfortable grip and the Superlink Pro grip provides a secure grip during intense play.


All in all, the Gray Nicolls Shockwave 2.3 150 Cricket Bat is the best choice for cricketers who want a modern and attractive bat that performs well on the field. Its sweet spot centre, full profile, streamlined shape and full-length bow combine to create the best balance of power and storage to ensure performance is good and flawless.


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